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His name is Sam, turns up for work every day and prefers a Cat loader over all the others ,better here than digging holes in the garden at home !


Complete Garden Products

Composting is a long time consuming process made easier with heavy machinery that turns the windrows and injects water at a regulated rate at the same time.This gives an even texture throughout the whole process,the compost generates its own internal heat with the breakdown of the manures and the hay with the moisture generating temperatures well over 56 degrees which is sufficient to stop any unwanted seeds germinating.


Garden Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is available in small handy bags of 20kgs and 3 sizes bulker bags -0.3–0.5–1.0 cubic meters and tipper loads.

A very popular product that is a must in the garden and lawn prep as well as a constant maintenance for them.

Individual custom orders can be made up to suit the particular plant or lawn to be selected for soil preparation and on going top dressing.